The day before yesterday, I was asked by Curious Cabbit if I'd be willing to post an excerpt of my story and join in a little fund raiser for Sommer Marsden. And the cause is a good one because I'm sadly familiar with cancer's effect on families.

This little kiss scene is dedicated to Sommer from my one and only story (and before you ask, she's home from college about to fuck her high school teacher):

On the second floor, Christina walked with Dave's arm around her waist. His hand rested against her hip with his thumb caught in the waistband. When he pulled her close, she stared up at him with sultry eyes and tilted her head.

He kissed her on the lips, his mouth firm against her own. She felt wonderfully helpless in his arm. He took charge, as she always imagined he would. His hands clung to her tightly. With his kisses, he eased her mouth open and his tongue flashed out to tease her.

She whimpered softly, her body trembling, and parted her lips and let her tongue slid alone his own. He tasted of mouthwash, mint, and her pussy. It brought a smile to her lips and she sneaked her arm underneath him to clutch his ass and pull him tight.

They stood in the middle of the empty hall and kissed.

But, as much as she moaned in his grip, it was the classroom she really wanted. With a tiny grunt, she broke the embrace and stared up at him. The sight of his intense blue eyes sent a wave of heat radiating from her pussy. “Mr. Roberts, I'm going to be late.”

He grinned and released her. “Oh, sorry.”

Turning on her heels, she walked the last few feet along and opened the door. The chemistry lab was just like she remembered: black-countered lab tables along the outer walls. In the center, a bank of twenty desks sat as if two years hadn't passed. Each chair was blue molded plastic with a writing surface on the top. A wire basket underneath used to hold her bag.

Biting her lip and grinning, she headed straight for the middle desk in the front row. Grabbing the edge, she swept herself into the seat and felt a thrill as her skirt caught on the edge and her bare ass pressed against the warm plastic.

The lights of the classroom flickered to life as Dave flipped the switch. She lowered her head and watching him through her eyelashes as he hurried behind the desk. Digging into his pocket, he pulled out a strip of condoms and stuck it on the side.

She grinned and pulled out her box. Waving it, she leaned over the edge of her desk to give him a view of her red bra before putting the condoms on the basket underneath the chair.

“You came prepared, I'm surprised.”

“I always did my homework, Mr. Roberts. You know that.”

He clutched the side of the table and let out a long breath. “Fuck.”

She bit her lip and smiled. “Still okay?”

“All I want to do is rip your clothes off and fuck you right here,” he tapped the desk.

Christina wanted to clamp her legs together from the sudden gush of excitement. Instead, she dragged her leg away from the desk, parting her thighs and letting the fabric of her skirt fall into the space between her legs. “Isn't that extra credit?”

He ran his hand along his desk, pushing his nameplate to the side. “You'd get a passing grade.” He continued in silence, taking off his glasses and setting them next to the nameplate.

She reached down and tugged on her skirt, pulling it up an inch before stopping. “I think I should study first. You did say I had an oral exam.” To make her point, she licked her lips. It was a cheesy come-on, but in the excitement of the moment, she didn't care. She wasn't taking theater class, she was going to fuck her teacher.

He hesitated, his fingers stretching out on the table.

She gulped. “Unless you don't think you can give two tests in a row.”

He shook his head and came around. “No!”

She jumped and giggled.

“Sorry, no,” he murmured with a blush. “I mean, I can handle two tests.”

Christina tugged up the skirt a little further, a flush rising when he tilted his head to look underneath the desk. “Because, I'm sure I could use a bit of tutoring if you need some time to grade.” The corner of her lip curled up, it was almost too much for her to keep a straight face.

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